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June 22, 2009


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Robb Mitchell

Jennifer Vogel's "Flim Flam Man" is a real page turner. As an investigative journalist who is brought into the world surrounded in emotional mystery and deception - a place where "the truth" lurks ready to do harm - we cheer on her journey though storytelling.

In her book we see how constructing stories is both a survival mechanism for the protagonist but also tremendously self-destructive for her father. We see the layers of distinct realties collide under the burden of Jennifer's need to make sense of the domestic cyclone spinning around her.

Bill Horberg is exactly the person gather the talent to bring this story to the screen. It will be a phenomenal movie like "American Beauty" or even "Rain Man" in what it illuminates about intellectual ambition, illusory perception, and the stories we tell ourselves to conversely flourish or perish day to day.

Reading Flim Flam Man, I am reminded of the expression "The truth can set you free" but clearly not without a price.

margaret Oomen

Maybe you could make the movie in Flin Flon , Manitoba
a former mining city named after a character in a science fiction novel.
Imagine the flim flam man from flin flon.

Janet M

This was another good read. I was reminded of when I was investigated as a peripheral character in a counterfeiting case. My case was a comedy. A psychologist and psychiatrist at the ND State Hospital decided to go into the printing business. One weighed about 350 lbs. and breathed like Darth Vader, the other doc was from India, but pretended to be a Mexican (pretty unmemorable, eh?) They printed 20's and spent them in Minneapolis. The FBI looked at the people in the printing plant at NDSH and everyone they hung around with. On the plus side, they did get to go to very nice Federal minimum security prisons.
Again, thanks for the interesting read, I look forward to the movie.

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