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May 13, 2009


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margie oomen

It might be a little early in the morning for this but I am going to invent a self administered PAP test for women ( obviously) one day so they won't have to go to see the dreaded doctor for this simple life saving test once a year.


My mom always dreamt of a toaster with a warming drawer in the bottom for toasted bagels. She was so sure she would find it one day. Alas, it never was to be. This first world problem aside, I think she still had a pretty good life. She would spend hours on the beach looking for shells, nature's best invention.


Congratulations on your great find! Right now all I can think of is that we need the cure for the common cold. I know that's not a gadget but that's what my head is requesting this morning.

Elsita :)

Since I was little I wanted to create an artifact that made you go from one place to the other by simply pushing the red button. The black button was for going back to the previous place Then I eliminated the idea of the artifact because if you lost it you could get trapped into places that you didn't want to stay.

I improved the old idea with a new idea: creating a miniature system that someone could integrate in your mind, I asked my Mom if there was a mind Dr. that could do the installation but she said I don't think so. My brother Alex said that I was crazy because there weren't any mind Doctors at all but if I took the pill that he was going to invent to make people become microscopic then I could go into people's minds and install the system myself.

I didn't want to become microscopic because then I had to stay like that forever so I said no to Alex' s offer but he said said not to worry because he was going to invent another pill to make me grow big again. Up to this day he hasn't invented any of the 2 pills so my invention is on hold but I think that the whole thing is just a matter of time.

Yay!!! I will never give up!
I need that thing now more than ever!
Elsi :o


My husband, Joe and I are CONSTANTLY coming up with "great" ideas for new inventions. It would probably drive most people crazy to hear all of our scheming, but since we both have this same affliction, we have a lot of fun with it!

The other day a friend of ours was describing how her car's keyless ignition works (you start the car by pushing a button on the dashboard that only works when the key is in the car). My son piped up with this great idea: "Why don't they make it so you can start it with your phone and that way you don't have to carry your key around?"

I thought it was a great idea. Isn't that possible with bluetooth that your car and house keys could just be programmed into your phone?

He's only 4 and is already coming up with better inventions than his parents!

Janet M

I love the cover illustration, what a hoot! It brings to mind the need for a car that will not drive off of buildings or cliffs. I have driven over Independence Pass (one of the highest roads in America)twice, and I would do it again if I was not convinced that I might accidentally drive off.

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