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May 26, 2009


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My individuality number is a 7 and my personality number is a 3. :)


My individuality # is 3, and "Maiz" is the magic # 22! This doesn't surprise me, since my birthday is on July 22, and 22 has always been my favorite and luckiest number.

Okay, so tell me more about how much I have in common with you and Teddy Roosevelt! :)

Elsita :)

Too complicated for me El Billy! :0
I have been always bad with numbers :)
But for some reason I have always loved the #8
I remember when I turned 8 on May 8th, I was the happiest little girl!
But 8 years later when I turned 16 and had to issue a birth certificate I found out that I had been actually born on May 9th!!!! For 16 years I was told that my birth date was May 8. The reason:
May 8th of 1971 was Mother's Day and my Mom thought that it was nicer to register me as being born on that day. You see, just a little tiny detail :) But what she didn't know is that my Dad had done the registration with the right date but he never told her or me later on :) Just details, right?
But as a teenager trying to find myself I was kind of mad about this whole thing. And up to this day my Mom insists that I was born on Mother's day! But of course I celebrate my birthday on May 9.
(Nothing to do with this post :o)
Elsi :)

margie oomen

Hi elsi:)
Makes sense that my individuality number is 8 :)
but oh no my personality number is 13.
That is with me using my maiden name because the math was just to much for my tired little head to use my hyphenated last name.


My name, Deirdre, is 9. My nickname is Deeds, which is a 19 which = 10 which = 1? I'd love to know what the book says!


I'm a little late but I would like to play along. Now I'm really sure which name to use. My parents decided to give me three offical names at birth and a name they used on a daily basis.
First official name: 43
Second official name: 11
Third official name: 30
Last name: 17

My first name used by my parents: 34

My husbands last name, which is only used on official papers sometimes: 33

So if you can figure it out you are a magician. Just thinking may this is why I have such troubles to find out where I stand in life, LOL.


first/last name: 11451 138559459

Sounds cool. Thanks.

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