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April 29, 2009


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So true! I tell my kids that there will always be people that have more, or less, money, intelligence, luck, looks, etc. The important thing is to follow your own passions and to use the talents you are given.

Great film noir images!

Janet M

Wow! I loved the LP cover site, it is truly amazing and a great time waster. It's easy to forget how much product is sent to the market in hopes of finding an audience. It's surprising that anyone kept this stuff in the first place.

The film noir site was also great. Without having big budgets these filmmakers captured an under-represented aspect of the zeitgeist of the 50's. Using only glorious black and white, they created their own universe and shared it with us.


Here's one of my favorites:

Not because I collect them, but because it illustrates just what you said above... online communities are formed around ANYTHING!

Elsita :)

You're so right Billy!
And now with the internet making of the world such a small place all the like-minded people can get to connect with each other and share their passions in an easy way.
No matter what you do/make/enjoy, there will always be other people doing/making and enjoying similar things. Each one of us has from one to one million soul mates out there in the world waiting for connection.
That's how you and ended up together :)

(Maiz, I loved the banana link! why don't we join that club?!)

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