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April 23, 2009


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A beautiful tribute to a great talent. I was not familiar with Matt Baker; I love his art.


I wonder if he used Jane Russell as a model?

If you get a chance I looked up Moive
Madiens and found a list of them.

I wanted to find out what actress looked
like the one in the top novel to me.

There is another photo of one of the
actresses that look like she might of
been a model too. But not as much as
Jane Russell to me.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Patricia Garn

Matt Baker's story could be the stuff of a good movie I'm thinking.

Elsita :)

Fascinating Billy!
I agree with Patricia, this would make a great movie.
Elsi :)


How cool! I've never heard of him, but that little bit of his story left me hungry for more. What year was "It Rhymes With Lust" published? Thanks for the spoiler; I also thought the title meant "bust," which probably means that's what he wanted us to think. I would have picked it up to find out, too... Was it good?

Thorsten Becker

I got into reading graphic novels over the past few years, mainly because I am interested in learning how to put one together myself as I find visual storytelling very appealing. I never heard about the one you wrote about and may pick up a copy as well (I am a fan of old school detective/crime stories). I really enjoyed reading the background you provided, what an interesting story behind the story. I too agree this would make an interesting movie. Thank you for sharing this and sparking my interest.


I agree..this is a wonderful idea for a movie. Learning so much on your blog, love it! Thank you :)

Nancy J. Miller

I am researching writer Dana E. Dutch (1912-1959)who wrote romantic comics in the 1940s-1950s. Matt Brown (1912-1959)illustrated many of his stories. Romance Without Tears, (First Edition Nov. 2003 Publisher Fantagraphics Books) is a collection of Dutch's comics by John L. Benson. Does anyone have any information on Mr. Dutch? Thank you. Nancy Miller

william horberg

How eerie that Dutch and Brown were born and died in the same years! I'm afraid I don't know anything about him, but it sounds like a great project. Let us know what you discover.

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