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March 13, 2009


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This unique suit/vest hybrid looks very comfortable. I like it!

I'm so glad you showed us the label also. It's beautiful. My mother once made a prize-winning quilt featuring 1,500 dress labels. If she saw this label in one of my garments, it would be in jeopardy. The seam ripper would come out in an instance.

margaret oomen

What a fantastic portrait of you Bill. I love the purple/grey mix . Will it be showing up on elsita's colorful style posts.
I think the 5th decade of your life will be the best yet.


Wow, very interesting (I work in fashion) - that vest/jacket is so cool! When you described it at the beginning of the post I was skeptical, but looking at it on, it looks good, like it would go with a lot! And I LOVE the tag! So jealous!


P.S. Great shot of the inside of the taylors' shop - so interesting to see where they work!


P.S. The next time you see Martin Scorsese, could you please tell him that a tailor in Tehran would like his glasses back?

Elsita :)

ja ja ja!!!! dutchbaby you make me laugh!!
You're so funny !!!
And Billy, this vest is even more beautiful in person.
And it looks great on you. Maybe I should post your photo on The Hidden Seed tomorrow featuring the color purple :)
Elsita :)

David H

I am currently in Tehran and would be glad to get tailor's adress.
Best regards,

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