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March 23, 2009


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margaret oomen

Beautiful post . I have never thought of the position or placing of the camera and the person behind it in a film until watching how they filmed parts of Planet Earth. Something to think about with each film and filmmaker I have the ability to observe.

Elsita :)

What a great post Billy, James Longley is an amazing person. Thank you so much for blogging about him today. I always learn something new from you.
Thank you!!
Elsi :)


Thank you for the kind post, Mr. Horberg.

And thanks for the blog -- which is excellent!

Janet M

After reading this post I did see this film. From my own limited travels, I think that most people on the planet just want to enjoy the company of family and friends, to have enough to get by so that life is not a constant struggle. I think the overwhelming source of existential angst of people in other countries is how they can keep their soul in the face of the onslaught of American cultural products, like movies and music.

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i don't know what has become of Hollywood, but now is a place full of superficial people and monkey business.

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