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February 10, 2009


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The "Human Steadicam" is a very funny nickname! This was a great mini-series of posts. You've whetted my appetite. Any way you can shop around this documentary for PBS so that I could see it?

Robb Mitchell

From your perspective as a Producer and someone who has a library of projects that include "Pokertown" do you see a channel for potential distribution that could satisfy an audience hunger at the same time, minus theatrical, cable, or broadcast contracts could be made available for viewing? Although I find it astonishing the amount of video footage and material now available on the internet, through YouTube and other sources, in some ways the "promise" of independent, alternative, artistic, and mature media is still limited in the realm of "video-on-demand."

And over the years there is a lot of product out there that, rightfully so, never could survive the business model of traditional theatrical distribution. It only makes sense that releasing and distribution companies "get their money back" as well as the producers and investors but what about films, dramatic and documentary, that could have a financial reward outside the film print circuit? What about dramatic and documentary films that have run their financial course or will never be released but serve a general interest in being seen?

Could there be a low-cost, low-risk channel of on-demand distribution that would serve both the audience and the rights holders?

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