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February 23, 2009


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It was a little bizarre to be watching it and "knowing" you and Elsa were there.

My Oscar musings...(from a movie ticket buyer!)

I thought Hugh Jackman did a great job but then I may be biased - he did not seem to let his ego get in the way of his role as MC - something other hosts have done in the past.

Heath Ledger's family kept it simple and lovely without being self indulgent or mawkish.

Sean Penn's speech was wonderful but as I said on your earlier post I absolutely agree that Dustin Lance Black's speech was even more wonderful. I saw him weeping during Sean Penn's speech.

I thought the new format of presentation was a much needed innovation. Hope it shortened things for you both!

The multiculturalism struck me too but also the sense that is was a more subdued celebration - perhaps in recognition that a lot of people are suffering hardship.


Congratulations! I haven't seen the ceremony yet (too late for me with the time difference) but can't wait to see it.

margaret oomen

I agree with you about the best acceptance speech although i must say I only watched bits and pieces of the ceremony. My daughters had just arrived home from Paris and had so much to tell me. Kate was my pick for best actress and I really can't imagine that role being done by any other actress. I thought her presenter did the best job as well and she was my favorite last year. Maybe they are setting a new trend here.
My daughter's friends are always telling me I remind them of Kate in Finding Neverland which I think is a really wonderful complement.
Elsita looked beautiful but I have yet to see your penguin shot :)

Marguerite Horberg

I was also thinking of what a tremendous loss and one for you personally for both Anthony and Sydney to pass on in the span of only one year. Was sad, indeed. I feel what I imagine to be a similar ache when I hear of certain jazz musicians making their transition ( like Dewey Redman). It's one thing for old cats that you have respect for but were really of a different generation to depart but when our peers and mentors fade its another.. I guess we become more responsible for representing the best things we remember about them ....
seems we are now the elder generation
Musings: I found myself wondering about all sorts of people who were absent ( people I like to see on Oscar night: Clooney, Roberts, Spike, Denzel, Jack, )There also seems to be a whole tier of actors that you sort of wonder what happened to...I think they should make some kind of rule to fill a section of the theater with certain familiar faces ( who is Jessica Biel? ) we need comfort in these times of uncertainty
2. Queen Latifah and Reese W seemed to be wearing the same dress
3. I really liked the staging this year, esp the new 5 former winners present and say something personal about the nominees - that's what I'm talking about -you get your Eva Marie Saint, your Halle Berry, your Whoopi,DeNiro...just more
4. I thought Penelope Cruz gave the best acceptance speech ( can you invite her to your birthday party?)
5. Danny Boyle, as exposed as he has been during this season, still seems like a truly genuine and caring human being and the excitement emoted from that cast was palable and moving
6. Bill, there are over 600 feature movies made every year and each year you are nominated in the top 5 or the second 5- that must feel pretty great - Can't wait for next years Wonderful contribution


congratulations on the milk oscars! i was thinking of you!


Congratulations! Being part of a movie that was awarded two very important Oscars has got to feel amazing! I agree with you about Black's speech, I thought Penn's was great as well.

All in all, I thought it was a great show. The fashions were great (very important to me :), very glamorous. I'm glad Elsa chose white; it's a great color for her.

I loved the new format, Jackman was great, Kate Winslet's father's whistle, the five past winners introducing the nominees - all thoroughly enjoyable.

Thank you for making a great movie, congratulations!

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