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February 02, 2009


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I do hope you get to go - I would love to read of your insights into that country - its people and its art.

Fingers crossed!

margaret oomen

Great story , full or grace and hope, for a Monday morning and a first new month of a new presidency. I love you comic book cover illustration.

Elsita :)

I am so happy that you're going to Iran Billy. The first friend that I made here in LA was a girl from Iran, she went to English school with me. One day she tried to teach me some traditional dance from her country and I was fascinated by the way she moved her hands. I am so happy that we got to see the documentary about Iran, what a great country, people over there are wonderful, well educated and positive. I am hoping that the relationship between Iran and the USA improves with Obama as the President.
Elsita :)

Marguerite Horberg

I was crazy enough to be in Tehran in 1977 when tensions were high and the Shah had only a month left in power - I remember walking the streets and being challenged by many men who resented the fact that I had money enough to come to their country - their open sentiments of anti-imperialism directed at me were uncomfortable nettles that nonetheless served to fuel a 30 year challenge of the cone of propaganda and misinformation perpetrated by the US -There is no substitute for risking travel and people to people exchange for creating peace and understanding -Iran /Persia are ancient glorious cultures and you are going to love it - can't wait to see what you are going to make from your experience ( comic, photos, blog entries...) You are so talented and I am glad I can revisit Tehran again vicariously through your trip.

Marguerite Horberg

oh, and if you feel obliged to ship back a carpet or two .....I know your home is more mid-century and they might not go so well with the design but I could always keep a few a my house -just offering... in case....


this got me to thinking...
thank you for sharing


It sounds like an amazing trip. I just read "Persepolis" (haven't seen the film yet), but it was a brilliant graphic novel. I'm sure you'll have some great stories for us from Iran!

I wonder if you were the doorman in my great-aunt's building. She was under 5' tall but acted 10' and was probably one of those Lake Shore Drive lousy tippers! ;)

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