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January 17, 2009


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Marguerite Horberg

my favorite sundance memory is taking Miro ( then 5) sledding behind Carolyn's house. As he slid down, I told him Miro, we have to take the sled back UP the hill so we can go down again- and he looked at me with teary eyes and said - "but I am just a little boy".... his delivery was so heartbreaking -full of such fragility .... how fast they grow ....sunrise/sunset

hey look out for my pal Bill Bragin and his entry Passing Strange - saw the play and dug it and now it's on celluloid ( or whatever ) - now back to 22 below zero and all back seasons of the wire

Elsita :)

Oh!! It is sooo nice to see this picture of us again! I really loved seeing the snow for the first time, but from far away. Once it got all over me I felt as if nature was attacking me. I think that after all these years I have gotten to understand snow better, I really loved it during our winter break.
We are missing you so much!
Elsi :)

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