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January 29, 2009


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margaret oomen

I couldn't agree more. We used to have family game nights on Sunday evenings after dinner. Each child in turn would organize the games for the night and bake some cookies or cakes for the refreshments. Some of evenings would include some of my vintage toy collection like tiddly winks, pick up sticks and cootie or we would all try to learn some new card games. We would laugh so much.


This is TOO COOL! I love, love, LOVE optical toys and optical tricks!!! I've heard of these, but never seen one in person. I've made some flip books a phenakistoscope and even a simple mutoscope. They are very fun to make. I now have a great project for you and Elsa; it is so easy to make new (image only, no music) discs for your praxinoscope using a digital camera and printer. I'm sure you can figure it out, but if you want I can show how!


yeah was so cool in that time, in fact if you look carefully the type of entertainment that kids had in that time, all is based in system similar to this, for example kaleidoscope, ball in a cup, and of course the classical marbles.

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