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January 23, 2009


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Great and wonderful news.

Congratulations ...

margaret oomen

It has been a very good week what with the new president , his first business of state and now milk with all its nominations. Hope is definitely in the air.

Elsita :)

Yay Billy!!!!!!
Congratulations from every member of the family!!!!!
Elsita :)

Elsita :)

Congratulations Billy!!!!
From every member of the family!!!!!!
Elsita :)


Congratulations, Bill!!! This is fantastic!!!



Lucia in San Francisco (from Elsita's blog)


Wow! Congratulations! Very well-deserved I might add!

Janet M

Congratulations to you too! Good luck in the voting.


This is so BRILLIANT! I think "Milk" deserves them all! It is a great film, brilliantly acted. If the Academy is at all interested in sending a political message, what better choice than this for best picture in the wake of the Prop 8 fiasco? I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Kyle T. Watch

you deserve it.

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