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January 09, 2009


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It is a country that I long to photograph.

I had no idea about the travel restrictions - they are outrageous...

Fingers crossed for your family that things do indeed change with the incoming administration.

iliana luque barr

The album you have there was done by my Father, his name was Federico Luque, I remember that our apartment was filled with boxes of these albums and cards, he would hand them out to all the kids in the neighborhood. My father loved Fidel and felt deeply betrayed by him, we left Cuba in 1965. Iliana Luque Barr

Jose L. Gonzalez

The album you are showing is not of Cuba "postage" stamps. These are what we Cuban kids used to call "postalitas" (small postals)and over the years, in the late 40' and early 50', many different collections were published. I can remember "postalitas" for Cinderella, and Pinocchio and even one album of 200 with scenes from the Prince Valiant movie, with Robert Wagner and Janet Leigh. The albums were provided free of charge at our local "bodega" and then you purchased the candy for 1 centavo each. Inside the candy wrapper you would find the numbered "postalita". Then, all you had to do was glue it to your album and go buy more candy! But there was a trick to it! The manufacturer of the candy made sure that
most of the numbers were easy to get, but some not so much and one or two, very hard to find, so the result was that you had to buy an awfull lot of candy to complete one of these!
If you would like to see some pages from my Cuba Postage Stamp collection, please go to:
Jose L. Gonzalez

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Cool stamps, putting aside their politics Cuba is a beautiful island to visit, amazing beaches, beautiful women.

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I love these vintage propaganda from the Revolution! how nostalgic!

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