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November 01, 2008


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Elsita :)

These tiny books are sooo adorable Billy, they make me happy. I am thinking about making my own tiny books whenever I have a chance.
Elsi :)


These little books are so fun. I have 24 titles -- they were on my bookshelf as a baby -- and I'm not sure that's even the complete set!

Another terrific mini series you might have already mentioned (I'm new to your blog) is Robert Kraus's "The Bunny's Nutshell Library". His story of Juniper, a little rabbit who lives in a sugar Easter egg, is a wistful, wonderful thing...

Margaret Oomen

I would love to see elsita's tiny books. I often believe that she has shrinking powers to make the tiny things she does with such incredible detail and skill. The Indian in the Cupboard is another book/movie you could add to your list.

Julia Ziembinski

Wow I would have fainted if I'd found these at a flea market. They are adorable!
PS I have found you through your lovely wife's etsy shop.

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