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November 02, 2008


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Hi Bill...I did vote early (LOVE that I could) but not often! Thanks for sharing pictures of the couples...I think I agree with you that they are the work of Garth Williams. I love his Little House and Cricket of Times Square series books. Looks like you two had fun at the Milk premier! Can't wait for it to open in the Chicago area.

amy Sullivan

~Oh, lets hope that these Happy Couples are smiling because Wednesday morning, we as Americans will wake to a new morning of "Change" ~
I have never felt so anxious over an election.
At times my heart just rushes.~I've done my time at the Obama Campaign Office.And~ have talked to anyone who will listen.

~But~as hard as times have been of late~
I am so happy to say that, my husband & I could be pictured in your Golden Book Lineup of Happy Couples~

Margaret Oomen

my favorites are all the hoofed couples. The eyes of the world and especially your northern neighbor are focused on America to make the only right decision on tuesday and make OBAMA your number one man.


They do look happy ( and quite pleased with themselves).

Never has an election captured Australians like this one.

Every thing is crossed for Senator Obama - please let the American public vote with open hearts and hope for the future.

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