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November 03, 2008


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Hej Bill,

I hope your little toe doesn't hurt too much and maybe you can find a pair of shoes that protect your little toe and aren't tight. I wish you lots of patience.

God bedring
Gott b├Ąttring
Gute Besserung
Speedy recovering

(I hope my multi-lingual wish helps)

Margaret Oomen

very smart not to want to contradict our very favorite cuban artist . Try to get some rest tonight because tomorrow things will be different.


I love stories like this... so interesting to see where seeds are planted. :)

Elsita :)

Absolutely Billy, this is the first time that someone plays Che in a convincing way. Benicio del Toro is an amazing actor, plus there is the fact that he looks a lot like Che physically so that helped a lot too.
Elsi :)


Tom Cruise directed an episode of this series?

I really want this to come out on that it's a Universal property is there a release being planned?

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