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October 27, 2008


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Margaret Oomen

I had a discussion about music genre with my youngest daughter just last evening. I was watching ONCE , a gem of a movie and she had finished doing her homework and came over. She said she wanted to watch that movie sometime with a friend. I suggested a certain person because I knew he was interested in music and played in a band. She that it wasn't his type of music, he dislikes Damien Rice which prompted me to ask what his type or genre of music was. The answer was industrial but she had a really hard time trying to define it although it sounded to me like a renaming of electronic or glam rock. Strange choice of name "industrial" since I think a great number of young people are anti industry and more diy these days.


Hi-Found you through Elsita's Blog!

For movies, genre is fairly important to me--I hate horror movies, and I like romantic comedy movies, fantasy, sci-fi, in general. That is to say, I have watched horror movies that I have enjoyed (The Ring comes to mind) and there are romantic comedies, fantasy, sci-fi that I couldn't stand (I did NOT like Sleepless in Seattle). I see movies as escapes and I don't usually want to be scared when I am escaping.

Books, however, if they are written well, for me do not have to fall in a genre for me to enjoy. I like browsing bookstores and libraries to find stuff that I hadn't considered before (but, again, horror is something that I really do NOT enjoy reading). I like reading almost everything including non-fiction!

As for music, I will listen to almost everything once. The thing for me is the singer's voice. If it is nice to listen to, then great. If not, then I will not be able to stand it and I turn it off. As for classical music, if it pretty or plesant, then I pretty much like it. Cacaphony is not something I like (hate Philip Glass).

Interesting discussion!


I prefer movies and books that can't be categorized into a certain genre, unless of course "indie" could be considered a genre of its own. I agree that genre movies are way too formulaic. It's hard to enjoy a film when you know what's going to happen after the first ten minutes.


I think that I choose movies based more on the filmmakers, actors or awards rather than the genre. At first glance, I'd steer clear of the micro-categories that you mentioned, but if you told me there was a new "fat suit comedy" directed by Clint Eastwood, or a "talking animal" starring Laura Linney and Mark Ruffalo, I'd go see it.

There are entire genres of books that I avoid (unless I'm stuck somewhere with nothing else to read!). Maybe it's because they're more of a time commitment, and because I know that there are so many great books out there that I haven't read.

With music, I'll give almost any genre a chance, because I'm sure there is some great music in almost every category.

Would you say that "Lars and the Real Girl" was a romantic comedy? Even though it could probably be categorized in a genre, or blend of genres (romantic dark comedy?), it certainly wasn't formulaic. Thank you, Nancy Oliver for not having a screenplay writing system!

Sometimes it seems like books and movies that are smart, original and good are likely to be less successful commercially. Maybe it's 'cause people just love those talking dogs!

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