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October 29, 2008


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Margaret Oomen

What a wonderful mix of hollywood, politics and social issues in this post. Again I am proud to be Canadian where a lot of what you speak of are non issues here. My daughter was visiting her 92 year old grandmother the other day and they watched Ellen together after breakfast. They chatted about how Ellen was gay and her marriage to Portia and then went on to have a long discussion about how very common it was and how great it was that Canada recognizes gay marriages , etc..


What extraordinary times we - but especially Americans - (and obviously even more so Californians) are living in.

You have my support in all you are hoping for.


I am so excited to see this movie! Sean Penn giving his best performance yet, and in a film about Harvey Milk? YES! I saw "The Times of Harvey Milk" many years ago, and found it very moving. It must have been so exciting to be in SF for this event.

katie did

i just discovered your blog! another jewel! i loved this post and all it stands for. thank goodness for all the brave souls who have stood up for who they are and what they believe. we can only hope for the best on tuesday. if things go poorly i may move to australia! keep up the great work and attitude....


I live in SF and am happy that this movie will share Harvey's story with the rest of the world.

We are proud of our city and our community that acceptance of all types of people. I can't wait to see the movie!

BTW: The Castro theater is amazing - did the organist play before the movie?

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These festive occasions surely turn memorable enough and leave a lasting impressionist for years to come.


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