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October 25, 2008


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Margaret Oomen

that was very long , I should have poured a larger cup of coffee but extremely informative. Thanks so much for reprinting it here. I will share this with a few parents I know of A.S.D children.


Great article. I like the idea of D.I.R/Floortime in all early childhood education. Did you ever read "Summerhill" by A.S. Neill? It is about an alternative high school in England that has a similar educational philosophy. Very interesting concepts about letting kids learn to self-regulate. I read this book years ago when one of my Wesleyan (!) professors gave it to me, and it really stuck with me. I try to apply these ideas with my own kids as much as possible. I love the picture of you and Diego on Elsa's blog. His joyous expression is priceless.

Miss Dot

what a revolutionary approach to Autism! refreshing and encouraging. thanks for posting it.

Debbi S.

what a wonderful article; I have been educated with all that is written about autism to believe my son, now 29, may have had glimmers of autistic spectrum behaviors as he grew up. The only thing I could match it with at the time was possible ADD and food sensitivity issues; we addressed the food issues directly and saw improvement. He has to work on being sensitive to other's feelings still but otherwise is a wonderful married young man, college graduate, athlete and businessman.

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