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October 09, 2008


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William - your writing is so beautiful and evocative and the story of your grandmother's visit to Cuba both exquisite and painful..

I am away without computer access on an island off the south Queensland coast for the next 10 days - exotic but not Cuba exotic.

When I return I shall look forward to reading about your Cuban experiences and of course of your meeting with your beautiful talented Elsa!

Karen Mowrey

...Ahhh, a nice read and sitting on the edge of my seat for more.

(came here via Elsita)


Gracias de tus amigos Pinarenos en Chicago. Looking forward to hearing more about your Havana days and other adventures.


You have a beautiful way with intriguing to speculate on your grandmother's exotic journey after a life of selflessness and denial. And within such a historic context! "Florence Horberg meets Che Guevara." I would love to read such a to see such a film! I wonder who would be in a position to make that happen??


i am so ready for more!

Elsita :)

So wonderful to read your diary again Billy :)
I am so glad that you wrote it back in 2000. What a treasure.
Too bad that I never got to meet Florence in person.
Elsita :)

Margaret Oomen

Your words are as colorful as the leaves falling from the trees , dancing and twirling freely as the warm breeze carries them. I am wondering why oh why are you not a published author . I would buy your books as quickly as it takes the leaves to fall to the ground .


Even though the date foreshadowed what your grandmother was to encounter, I was still amazed at the irony of her vacation into the middle of a revolution. Seems like our personal histories trump the fictional kind any day. I can't wait to read more!

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