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October 13, 2008


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Margaret Oomen

That last photograph is really wonderful. Isn't it amazing how things like advertising , pollution and traffic can deaden out senses the more time we spend infused with them yet if we spend time out in the forest or meadows, our senses bathed in nature our ability to notice things, even the smallest most insignificant things magnifies.


Bill, there is a lovely, insightful German film called The Art of Making Ruins about five individuals who live in Havana's crumbling buildings. You may know about it already as it won an LA Latino film festival award back in 2006. The film is in Spanish with German subtitles. You can see the trailer here
Am interesting comment that was made about the film: the German filmmakers come from a country that really knows and understands rubble. One also cannot help but think of New Orleans after Katrina and what it would be like to live among the ruins of a city.

Elsita :)

How great to read all these memories again Billy!


Although it has been several years since I travelled to some place that was truly remote, I distinctly remember that feeling of being bombarded by commercialism and advertising on returning to LA. I try so hard to not forget that, but (like with the smog) we are so easily desensitized!


I understand that desensitization mode that one enters when you live in an urban area, especially L.A.--the pervasive smog, too many cars and people, too many signs, too many endless strip malls. After moving away from there it's taken me several years to get back to truly seeing and appreciating the natural beauty around me in upstate NY. What a gift that Cuba gave you in that one trip, to jar you back to seeing clearly.

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