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October 30, 2008


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Margaret Oomen

thanks for being the source of my first laugh of the day and it is only 6:50 am here :)


Love the beauty of a story without words....and your comments are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Marguerite Horberg

i like starting my day reading what you and elsita have cooking in those incredibly talented and loving brains of yours

Elsita :)

This is so great Billy!
I love it!
Elsi :)


How great!

It reminds me of a joke that my brothers and I must have told 10,000 times when we were kids, each time thinking that it was hysterically funny:

Q: What goes, "Ha! Ha! Ha! Plop!"?
A: A man laughing his head off.

Janet Ergang

Oh my gosh, I too have a cartoon that I saved about 'Big George' from about 1960; I would ride to downtown Chicago and read the comic section on the way to work. This cartoon about 'Big George' just hit my funny bone because I was recovering from what we would call a 'burgundy hangover.' I saved it all these years.

How would I post this cartoon on this blog?

Face cdkey

Such a awesome read, i cant find other places on the internet like this. I have told my pals about ur site, they love it.

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