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September 20, 2008


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I can't wait to see Diego. Great pictures!

Margaret Oomen

Sign me up for an advance copy of that destined to be fabulous book please. He has been my little hero from the first day read about him on Elsita's blog. A question for you William, what is it with all the polish / russian influences? Like your wife keeps saying maybe we were all friends in another life.



My name is Maiz (pronounced like "maze," not like Spanish for corn), and I found your blog through Margaret Oomen's a few days ago. I love her blog and Elsa's, too, and I am so happy to find yours.

You have given me a lot to read, and I am excited by the diversity of your topics. I appreciate your artistic and political entries. I am also a fan of graphic novels (I enjoyed American Born Chinese this summer), and I love the Lecuona Cuban Boys (their recording of "Tabú" is one of the greatest songs ever). I am a documentary photographer, and my other interests are movies and books and my family.

I live in LA with my amazing and sweet husband, Joe, and our two boys. Our oldest son, Diego, turned 4 last Saturday and our baby, Ruben, will be 2 in January. They are extraordinary, challenging, and beautiful! We are so happy to be parents. One of the reasons that we fell in love with the name Diego was that it means "teaching," and now it is such a fitting name for our creative and spirited little guy. (You've probably heard that definition before, but if not, I found it on "Possibly a short form of SANTIAGO, but it is more likely derived from the medieval name Didacus which meant "teaching" from Greek διδαχη (didache)."

I'm telling you all of this about me so that you will know who is reading your blog!

All the best to you and your beautiful family,


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