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September 22, 2008


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Margaret Oomen

Absolutely!! Thanks for introducing me to these two men connected through time and space to the city of Chicago. Do you know what Wesley used to draw his pictures. It reminds me of my nephew's ( artist turned chef living in Montreal) drawings that he used to do with bic pens on paper bags when working in a depanneur in old Montreal to pay the bills and buy paint and canvases.

William Horberg

We have a Willis in our living room and it was drawn with pen and magic markers on a large white sheet of cardboard.


He was a true artist, I really love the piece that we own :)

Marguerite Horberg

wesley willis used to sit on a metal folding chair in front of HotHouse on Milwaukee Avenue and swear at all the people walking by. he had a band called fiasco. he was "adopted" by all my friends who worked at earwax across the street and was a fixture in the hood for years - most of us running from the volume of profanity.
i also used to "know" lee goodie when i worked at the art institute back in the 1980's- she'd hustle her pen and ink drawings for a saw buck and friends of mine who worked with me were always trying to get her a real art show or money or housing - it's funny to think that these works are now worth thousands of dollars and how the art world works to legitimize and validate certain people/ work... it's a sort of exoticizing that doesn't change the material conditions of the mentally ill or homeless

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