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August 15, 2008


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Margaret Oomen

I am so thankful to elsita for letting me know about your newish blog today. Congratulation ! From what I have read so far it is every bit as wonderful as I imagined it would be. I am reading from the start but I had to pause here to comment. These photographs brought back some vivid memories of hearing my uncle Real ( missing an accent on the e) who was a business man from Montreal with a beautiful home in Port au Prince, Haiti. He set this home prior to "baby doc" and your photos are just as he described its beauty and people. He tried to continue to do business and live there for a portion of the year but later had to leave quickly and lost everything. The photo of the fisherman with his adonis like physique is really something. Thanks for sharing these pages.

Kettelie St. Fleur

This is absolutely beautiful.
We left Haiti when I was nine. I have no recollection of what Haiti looked like when we left. The only images I've seen over the years are images depicting a lifestyle of slum and poverty. These photos give me a totally different perspective of what Haiti could have looked like today had it not been for corruption and greed. In light of the recent earthquake, I'm hoping and praying for a "new" Haiti. One reflecting the beauty of our people and our culture.


I envy you, Mr. Horberg. Wish I was the one who won the ebay Auction! Nice book. Best wishes with adapting the novel into a film. I'll be watching for it.

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what great collection of photos of my native country, please post more about from Haiti. How nostalgic.


I agree with Kettlie. Beautiful pictures. I'm dtill on your site. Just can not get away.


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Nathalie Jolivert

Hi, Is it possible to know who is the author of this book please? Thank you!

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Awesome pictures. The book is part of the investigation, who had gathered for the last few years.

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