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July 29, 2008


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Elsita :)

Hello Mr. Horberg:
I had the obligation to write the first comment in your brand-new blog. When you open a new blog nobody write comments and you feel that you are out there alone but now you don't have to feel that way because you already have ONE fan!!!! Yay! My name is Elsita and I am your wife!! :0
Keep up the good job husband, your blog is going to look very nice soon :)
Lots of love from the kids and myself!
Elsita :)


Dear Bill,
I am sure the world was waiting for your blog. You probably have a lot to say to tons of friends and maybe don't have the time. Well now, you will have the opportunity to reach a bigger "audience"!!!!
I am sure you will get lots of comments pretty soon.
un abrazo,


Dear mr. Horberg,

You have an audience. I have been reading different blogentries with a cup of tea and having a good time. Although my body wants to lay down after a day of unpacking movingboxes and cleaning. But before I turn in I want to wish you lots of success with this new path on your journey.

Kind regards,

Ruth Pomerance

Dear Bill, I've had a crazy, busy summer but I finally found a few minutes to check out your blog. The artwork on the site is fantastic and I love reading all about your thoughts and your family. Hope you are well. If you get to New York please let me know so we can see one another. warm regards, Ruth

Drunken Amateurs

you have a fast server

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