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January 15, 2012


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It looks like a scene from a Hitchcock movie :o


I miss you Dad.


Do they sell stuffed crow animals at that cemetery?
If yes, can you get me one?

other culprit

love you and the comments from N and D ! better

Janet M

I love crows, they're so black and mysterious. It makes you wonder what the crows were up to.

Joan Chandler

Happy Birthday (March 2) to my wonderful son Bill. I never tire of reading and seeing his mind at work through this engaging blog. How does he keep all that stuff in mind?
Have a great day.....
Joan Chandler

price per head

Is sad to see this, but is so true.


awesome!! look like a movie seen

internet domain name

I love crows, theyre so black and mysterious. It makes you wonder what the crows were up to.

Detroit Lions Hats

I really like this.It is so beautiful.

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