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June 01, 2011


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Elsita :)

That photograph is extremely socking to me.
It shows you the darkest side of human nature.
I didn't understand it when I was little and I still can't understand it now as an adult: How can a human being kill another human being?
Really socking and sad, but that has been the history of human race.
I wish I could change the way we are sometimes but it's beyond control.

Elsita :)

Sorry, I meant shocking...


When I first saw the drawing, I wondered how the artist could have imagined such an impossible concept. When the photo followed, my heart sank. I would have preferred to think this was only the product of a far reaching, nightmarish imagination.

The photo both confirms the phenomenon of the depths to which human nature can sink, especially when hastened by the momentum of a group, and yet still begs my capacity to imagine how such a thing could be possible, how such a thing could have happened.


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