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September 14, 2010


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Sorry for my bad English:

crutch1:- I am feeling sad...

crutch2- Why?

crutch1 - Because as soon as William recover my life will be senseless...and he is doing really well.

I wish you recover soon.


"You know... he's not the actual producer, he's just the stunt-double."

"So he only pretended to read my script?"


crutch 1 (he works on the broken foot side): Hey Righty!

crutch 2: What's up Lefty?

crutch 1: Do you want to switch? You come to my place and I will go to your place, I need a break.

crutch 2: You have to talk to my lawyer first.

crutch 1: Where is your lawyer?

crutch 2: Over there, the guy with the big wheels (pointing to the wheelchair)

crutch 1: Hey wheely!

wheelchair: what's up?

crutch 1: can righty and I switch places? I'm kind of tired.

wheelchair: denied

crutch 1: Hey righty, your lawyer said no.

crutch 2: sorry lefty (with a mischievous smile) I wish that I could help you :o


Lolrotf! Great illustration!

Crutch #1) Well what do you think Bill's
agenda is for us today, Crutchy?

Crutch #2) Well, I suspect it will be
more of the same routine, don't you,

Crutch #1) Well, I don't know, but I
am sure he will use us as his crutches,


Crutch#1) I hope Bill remembers to
put on underarm deoderant today,

Crutch #2) Yes, I hope he doesn't
forget either Crutcher. Yesterday,
was unbearabley unpleasnt to say the

Crutch #1) I think some of Johnsons BS
(Baby Shampoo) applied should take care
of the BO don't you think so Crutchy?

Crutch #2) Yes Crutcher, I do.


Crutch #1) Are you grip ready Crutchy?

Crutch #2) What do you mean by grip
ready, Crutcher?

Crutch #1) What do I mean? I mean what I
just said. Are you grip ready?

Crutch #2) I don't know what you mean,

Crutch #1) What I am trying to say, Is
your grip ready to keep Bill steady?

Crutch #2) Yes, Don't worry about me.
My grip never slips, I have a foothold
and secured postiton when needed to
perform my duties of the day.


Crutch #1) Crutchy, Do you think we
would make a good song and dance
act routine?

Crutch #2) Sure we would! We just
need a good Black Top Hat and to
put on some good parade feet to
boot...that's all.

Crutch #1) Well it's not like were
a cane you know.

Crutch #2) What does a cane have
that we haven't got?

Crutch #1) I think the difference
is abstract or maybe just not having
a good Agent.


By the looks of the ones I wrote,I should of stopped at the first try. Feel free to delete the dumb ones.

I wonder why you can always read a
doctor's bill and you can never read
his prescription. ~Finley Peter Dunne

God Bless You and Yours!!


"Do you ever feel like we're mere puppets, simply following the whim of the Higher Power?"

"Not again! I BEGGED you to join the ankle's therapy sessions. Get a grip on yourself man."


"I like you, you're a real stand up guy!"


"We're perfect partners in crime. You're a hold-up artist, and I do stick-ups!"


"You're funny."

"Yeah, I do stand up."


I hope these make you laugh, Bill!

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