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July 09, 2010


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Frances Archer

Check out the documentary, Havana: The New Art of Making Ruins. Here's the trailer, with a shot of the "Florida" theatre. there used to be a full-length English language version online, but apparently the it has been taken down.


Okay, the theaters are cool, but WHAT is that little yellow vehicle that looks like a three wheeled school bus? I LOVE it!!!

p.s. Come visit my blog!

Janet M

Movie theaters have become relics and it seems that they are hard to re-purpose. There were two movie theaters in my neighborhood,
one still exists and shows vintage, foreign and independent films, the other is now a drug store. It was always a treat to go to the movies and it was a special experience.

p.s. I'm with Maiz in wondering what that yellow vehicle was? It's so cute.

Elsita :)

The coco-taxi looks like a little yellow baseball on wheels. They are common on the streets of Havana and zip around on 3 wheels.


I'll bring the popcorn.


my fave so far is in Olinda Brazil. I have a small collection now of pix of old shuttered movie palaces. yet we struck gold last week when we drove past the Capri, a working drive-in near Coldwater Michigan- see my Facebook page

margie oomen

i found the theatre of my youth on that list. The bytowne cinema in Ottawa
It is where I saw such cult classics as the rocky horror picture show, eraserhead, elephant man ....

free movies

I guess everyone has a childhood memory of his cinema building in his town. The structures are always exciting even if they bit neglected. Thank you for the wonderful post.

Lisette M

I grew up going to the movies in El Yara, Riviera, La Rampa. Thanks for posting those pictures, they bring back lots of memories!

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