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June 09, 2010


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Frances Archer

Bill,wouldn't you like to stroll down some alleys with a camera? It's a perfect day for it here, hot, humid, sunny. The amazing thing is, in many neighborhoods, the buildings don't look much different from the 1940s.

Janet M

Thnaks for the introduction to the work of Wayne F. Miller and to Frances Archer's blog. I found them both to be quite interesting. I love that your blog is so wide ranging.


you might also like Marc po Kempner's book Down at Teresas, also check out Raeburn Flerlage ( i know, what a name!) and the paintings of: gary borremans, joe hindley, robert guinan and tony fitzpatrick ..check em out - all noir influenced and ALL ChITOWN BABY !

A Salone

Two cheers for the South Side! Great car in the background of that last photograph.


What wonderful photographs.

Stan B

The top photo of the gritty south side alley reminded me of a first visit to Comiskey Park in the 1950s. At the time (pre public housing and expressway construction)35th Street from the L train station at State St west to the park had a similar appearance. Great pics!


Just to let you know, you have a great looking site. Love the photo's


In case my first comment doesn't show up, thanks for this. I know so little about the history of Chicago, that most storied of American cities!

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