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August 28, 2009


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margaret Oomen

i am pretty sure we had some of these in our old phonograph console at the cottage. My father was a collector of old records from the thrift stores. I wonder what became of them. All I have of his collection are a few jazz recordings.

Elsita :)

Wow! I can't wait to see these in person! So beautiful!
Elsi :)

Jan Milne

It is nice to hear of your travels in Victoria. Found you via Elsita's blogs.
After 10 years of very dry winters it is lovely to have this rain. Hope it adds atmosphere to your film.
Cheers Jan from Western Victoria.


What a great find! I can only imagine what "The Chuggity Bus Song" sounds like.


Hah....Its a great post!!!Enjoyed reading this!


It is nice to hear of your travels in Victoria. Found you via Elsita's blogs.

Michael Lockridge

It is rather interesting that this concept has come around full circle. Books with audio tracks (ebooks) are being published and promoted. Some are music to read by, others are simply audios of the book being read. Technology has taken this quirky little concept and made it a viable element of any electronic book. Amazing!

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