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February 20, 2009


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This is a very good example of a visualized babystep and how we grow to accept change.

See you tomorrow.


Yes we can...

If we feed their imaginations, talk to them of strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff, of dragons and fairies and beauty and beasts, one day they will grow to build their own wonderful worlds.

margaret oomen

I agree with Mary in that we need to nourish the imaginations of our children and allow them to dream huge colorful dreams. I also think President Obama ( who drew quite the crowd on a cold day in Ottawa this week) in that we need to value the " the makers of things" to build our new wonderful world ( instead of the makers of money).


It would be so great if this illustration was a jigsaw puzzle. I could relish each individual color in my hands and examine every detail to find how it fits in the big picture.

Yes, imagination is the key to our future.

Elsita :)

I believe that the most wonderful things come from our imagination. Whatever we build was in our mind before it became real. I believe that we can build a wonderful world for our children and for ourselves by using our creativity and by taking care of our most important treasure: planet Earth
elsi :)

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It is something cultural and the perception that people have about it. Time changes and perception of something wonderful with it.


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