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February 19, 2009


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margaret oomen

I really miss my father's old cartoon collection , most of them having to do with the dawn of the computer age. I bet my older brother has them. I will ask him about that next time I am in Ottawa.


Hej Bill,

Thanks for the information. I have forwarded your post to a talented teenager who already won a cartooncontest in The Netherlands.

Marguerite Horberg

I went here for a music festival a few years ago. Check it out and let's go!


There are so many great graphic novels. Have you read Craig Thompson? "Blankets" and "Carnet de Voyage" are some of my all time faves. I just found his blog:

Thanks for all the wonderful!


I love the striking style of Clowes' self portrait.


Just some information for you. In the Netherlands is a festival called Holland animation film festival.
Some parts are in english, some in dutch on this website.
It is here he won the prize.

See you tomorrow.

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