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October 19, 2008


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Maria HLobo

How sweet. Hugs from rainy Rio. Maria (Elsa's flickr friend!)


Very cute!!! I bet she felt very special. I would for a lifetime if my husband made me something like that!


Oh, so sweet! What a great idea to present in blog form!

My husband illustrated a graphic short story of our romance as well when we were first dating, lo these many decades ago, and it was the most romantic thing I could imagine. He made one for our oldest child as well. I was just thinking that I need to send some public love his way for all the support he has given me since I've returned to work full time, and now I think I may have an idea for how to do that!

Thanks for sharing your work, and such a fantastic, vibrant, and personal piece at that!

Elsita :)

I love you too Billy :)
Elsi :)

margaret Oomen

WOW , I almost missed this one, since I thought you were skipping blogging on Sunday. I love this little comic. What a wonderful piece of history that you documented in a colorful, dramatic way with a definite sense of humour. I recognized your rendition of elsita's art right away and now I am so happy to know her full and wonderful name. Thanks, Bill

Lois Collins

How fantastic, the love you feel simply oooooozes from the illustrations!!!! :0)

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