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September 25, 2008


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Margaret Oomen

You have collaborated on two amazing projects already !!! I can see an animated short film in your future . Natalie could help with the artwork. She is an amazing little artist and we will watch with great expectation as Diego develops his talents.

Elsita :)

Yay Billy!
I agree with Margie. I think that one day we should make an animated movie with Natalie's and Diego's drawings. I can't wait to collaborate with you in a new project. One day you should blog about the comic books that you made (with a little bit of my collaboration) That was a fun thing to do together, we make a good team.
Elsita :)


I love this pre-Photo Shop collaboration, even if it is a little demented.

מנהלת חשבונות

Amazing pets pictures. It is tempting to project something innocent and the pastor of their artistic process.


This is my grandpa and grandma : ) Wish I could find more of his photos- I know Grand Valley has many negatives that were donated by someone outside of my family- grr, but I am sure there is more out there.

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